ASI's 2022 Developing Shearer and Mentor Grant Application Now Available

Amy Barkley, Livestock Specialist
Southwest New York Dairy, Livestock and Field Crops Program

January 3, 2022
ASI's 2022 Developing Shearer and Mentor Grant Application Now Available


There is a large and continuing need for sheep shearers across the United States. Domestic shearers are becoming fewer and it is increasingly difficult to bring international shearers into the U.S. Seeing the need of more shearers for both large and small sheep operations, the ASI Wool Council has developed a grant program to incentivize the development of U.S. shearers.

This grant program will support developing shearers as they work to increase the quality of their shearing and the amount of sheep they are able to shear each day, thus working to build their income and longevity in the shearing industry. Additionally, as the mentor provides the developing shearer with knowledge and an avenue to shear, thereby sharing their work and income and slowing the number of operations they can shear, mentors are also supplemented.

ASI Wool Council has allocated $15,000 for this program for fiscal year 2022. The grant will be given to five developing shearers and five mentors at $1,500 each. Developing shearers will be paid $500 once accepted and $1,000 upon completion. Mentors will be paid $1,500 upon completion. Developing shearers and mentors may apply jointly or separately; jointly is preferred.

Developing U.S. shearers who have a supporting mentor and shearers serving as a mentor to developing shearers are eligible to apply. Shearers should be able to shear at least 10 head of sheep per day. Mentors may manage a crew or be an individual shearer and must support the developing shearer by aiding them with shearing skills and techniques and by aiding them in finding work.

- Total program funding: $15,000
- Funding per shearer or mentor: $1,500
- Deadline for submitting applications: 1/15/2022 (by COB)
- Anticipated award/acceptance date: 2/1/2022
- Submission of mid-grant progress video: 3/1-4/1/2022*
- Submission of progress video & final documentation: Between 5/1-6/15/2022*
- Payment is made after verifying all requirements have been met
*Dates may be extended if anticipated shearing season is late spring or summer.

Developing Shearers:
- Demonstrate progress through:
o Videos
o Visits with ASI staff and ASI Wool Council members
- Provide a closing summary
- Provide documentation on the dates the developing shearer was employed or assisted
- Provide a description on providing assistance to the developing shearer
- Provide a closing summary

1. Application
a. Complete an application before January 15, 2022.
b. Send your application via fax, e-mail or mail to the ASI office by the application deadline.
Fax: 303-771-8200
Mail: ASI; attn. Heather Pearce; 9785 Maroon Circle, Suite 360; Englewood, CO 80112

2. Review
a. Applications will be reviewed by a member(s) of the ASI Wool Council; ranking and funding recommendations are based on the following criteria:
- Applicants will need to describe how many sheep they currently shear, how/where they shear and how the mentor will assist them. This information will help in understanding how much this program will impact the industry.
- Applicants agree to all program requirements.
b. All applicants will be notified via phone, email or mail, if their proposal was approved by February 1, 2022.

3. Developing Shearer Documentation
a. Videos showing shearer progress- due 3/1 (mid-grant) and with final documentation*
- Quality of shorn sheep
- Improved shearing/handling techniques
- Speed of shearing
b. Final written summary & photos (1-2 pages)- must be submitted between 5/1/2022 and 6/15/2022*
- How has the shearer progressed since January 2022?
- Has the shearer purchased any shearing equipment with the help of grant funds?
- How was the mentor most helpful to the developing shearer?
- Was this program helpful? What would you like to see changed?
- Other comments that you would like to make about the program or industry.
- Include photo for use in promotional materials.
c. *Dates may be extended if anticipated shearing season is late spring or summer.

4. Mentor Final Documentation The mentor must submit the following documentation between 5/1/2022 and 6/15/2022.
a. Documentation of shearer employment or dates assisted by mentor:
- Documented list of dates/locations
b. Final written summary (1-2 pages):
- How has the mentor has assisted the shearer progress?
- What costs the mentor incurred while assisting the shearer?
- How has the shearer progressed since the January 2022?

- Was this program helpful? What would you like to see changed?
- Other comments that you would like to make about the program or industry.

5. Payment
a. After ASI verifies all documents have been submitted, requirements have been met, and the final documentation has been approved, payment will be disbursed.
b. Payment to the Grantee will be made via check. Grantee is responsible for providing payable details, including proper name and address. Grantee must also provide W-9 with the organization's employer identification number. Grantee will sign and return the OMB Standard Form 424B "Assurances" before funds can be distributed. Grantee will not collect interest on funds.

6. Records
a. Retain records for 3 years; records are subject to audit by ASI.

For a PDF copy of this call and to access the application, click the PDF below

Developing Shearer & Mentor Grant 2021/2022 Information & Application (pdf; 137KB)

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