Meat Your Farmer 2024

Event Details

Meat Your Farmer 2024


May 2, 2024


5pm - 8pm


The Powerhouse at the Roycroft Campus
39 S. Grove St.
East Aurora, NY 14052


Southwest New York Dairy, Livestock and Field Crops Program

Meat Your Farmer 2024

Meat Your Farmer 2024

The audience for this event will be school lunch program purchasing officials and the broader local community. The evening will be split into two parts: 

5pm - 6pm: A formal program for attendees to learn about bulk meat purchasing including:

- How to find a farm

- How much meat and what cuts to expect from a 1/4, half, or whole animal

- Timelines for Purchasing Bulk meats

6pm - 8pm: Tasting and Talking

We will open the event to have free taste testings of over 10 different NYS school lunch options made with local meats

Attendees will have the opportunity to talk with farmers to learn about their farms and meats they have for sale.

We are currently looking for farm participants. By participating, you'll have the opportunity to: 

Set up a booth (10' x 10') and offer your products for sale, including bulk meat options.

- Interface with the community to share what it is you do and why you do it (:

- Select one of the menu items listed in the blue boxes, and make a donation of the meat requested to be transformed into tasting portions by our caterer, Daily's.

Carne Asada: 10.5 pounds Round Roast

Meatloaf: 8 pounds Ground Beef

Loaded Beef Nachos: 8 pounds Gound Beef

Chopped Cheese Sandwich: 8 Pounds Ground Beef

Mojo Pork: 13.5 pounds of Fresh Ham or Pork Shoulder

Pulled Pork: 13.5 pounds of Fresh Ham or Pork Shoulder

Teriyaki Chicken: 4 Whole chickens (5-6 lb) or 21 Chicken Thighs (large)

Chicken Souvlaki 21 large chicken thighs

Chicken Mac and Cheese: 3 pounds Chicken Breast

Turkey Chili: 7.5 pounds Ground Turkey

Maple French Toast Bake: 5 dozen Large Eggs

Veggie Egg Bake: 7 dozen Large Eggs

If you have any questions or are interested in participating, reach out to Amy Barkley at 716-640-0844 or

Meat Your Farmer Public Flyer (PDF; 455KB)

Meat Your Farmer - Farmer Flyer (PDF; 302KB)

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Upcoming Events

Farm Tour

May 31, 2024
Holland, NY

Good Farmers Guild of WNY will be hosting a farm tour and potluck at Rise'N'Swine Farm on Friday, May 31st at 5 pm. Rise'N'Swine has built a successful business raising cattle, pigs, and chickens on pasture, and has an on-farm butcher shop. After the farm tour, there will be a potluck dinner. Please bring a dish to pass and your own plate, bowl, cup, and cutlery.

Rise'N'Swine Farm is located at 9806 Wagner Rd, Holland, NY 14080. There is ample parking in front of the farmshop. Farmers, people who work on farms, and ag service providers are welcome at this free event!

Farm Tour and Potluck at Rise'N'Swine Farm

May 31, 2024
Holland, NY

Join the Good Farmer's Guild for a potluck and farm tour at Rise'N'Swine Farm to learn about their pasture-raised livestock and on-farm USDA red meat processing facility. The event is free, and you may bring a dish to pass.

Broiler Field Day at Sunny Cove Farm

June 6, 2024
Alfred Station, NY

Join us for a field day to explore broiler production, processing, and finances. Meghan Snyder of Sunny Cove Farm will be our host. She raises small batches of organic broilers, processing them on-farm under the 1,000 bird exemption.


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