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BQA Level II Training and NYBPA Region 1 Farm Tour and Potluck

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November 4, 2023


10:30am - 4:30pm


Phillips Farm Inc.
1809 Brandt Road
North Collins, NY 14111


Farm Tour and NYBPA Region 1 Potluck : Free

BQA Training with Lunch : $15.00

(addl attendee $10.00 ea.)

Registration fee per Farm (up to 2 participants)

Farm Tour, NYBPA Region 1 Potluck, and BQA Training : $15.00

(addl attendee $10.00 ea.)

Registration fee per Farm (up to 2 participants)


Southwest New York Dairy, Livestock and Field Crops Program

Amy Barkley

NYBPA Region 1 Farm Tour & Potluck

Level I & II BQA Training

Saturday, November 4th

Phillips Farm Inc.

1809 Brant Road

North Collins, NY 14111

Phillips Farm Inc. is a 1,200 cow family-owned and operated dairy farm located in Southwest Erie County. Ann and David Phillips run the farm with a team dedicated to animal health and well-being. With the increased popularity of beef on dairy in NYS, 50% of the cows on the dairy are bred to quality beef sires to make beef x Holstein calves that move through a value-added calf care program before being sold as young calves or feeders. Some of these calves are raised out for the freezer trade. 

Ann and her son, Tyler Strub (Region 1 NYBPA Chairman), are part of the three-generation family owned and operated Shining Star Cattle Company in Springville NY. They focus on providing club calves, replacement females, herd sires, and finished beef which is sold in bulk and as individual retail cuts. Their 35 cow herd is compiled of several breeds including Registered Maine Anjou, Mainetainer, and Registered Angus. The herd is also has some influence from Simmental,  Chianina, and Charolais genetics.


Tour of Phillips Farm Inc.: 10:30am - 12pm

NYBPA Region 1 potluck and lunch for BQA training participants: 12pm - 1pm

BQA Level I training (also serves as continuing education): 1pm - 3:30pm 

BQA Level II (Chuteside) training: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

You are welcome to register for the farm tour and lunch; the BQA training and lunch; or the farm tour, lunch, and the BQA training. You do not have to be a member of the Region 1 Beef Producers to attend any of the day's activities. Roast beef sandwiches are generously provided by Phillips Farm Inc. and Shining Star Cattle Company for lunch; if you'd like, please bring a side dish, drink, or dessert pass! 

The BQA training is designed for:

 New cattle producers

 Seasoned cattle producers

 Cattle producers looking to become BQA certified

 Cattle producers looking to renew their BQA certification


You will learn:

 History and benefits of BQA training

 Stress reduction and management through low impact handling

 Herd health management and biosecurity

 Identification and recordkeeping

 Transportation considerations

 Introduction to VCPRs, veterinary drugs, and veterinary equipment

 Chute-side manner and how to properly give injections


This training will be for level I and level II BQA certification. If you are taking the training to recertify, you will only need to take the classroom training. If you want to become level II certified, you'll need to be present for both the classroom and chute-side training.

Cost to participate: $15 per farm.

Please register by Wednesday, November 1st by contacting Kelly Bourne at, 585-268-7644ext 10, or by using the registration link on this page.

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