2022 Cornell Sheep & Goat Symposium on Grazing Management for Goats and Sheep

Event Details


September 16 - September 17, 2022


Cornell University/Frank Morrison Hall
507 Tower Rd
Ithaca, NY 14853


Cornell University

Barbara Jones


  • Pasture walk at the Cornell Solar Farms
  • Forage walk at the Cornell Forage Plots
  • Managed Grazing 101
  • Forage Basics
  • Making Grazing Management Decisions
  • Solving Problem Spots in your Pastures
  • Potential Tools for Managing Internal Parasites in Pastured Small Ruminants
  • Grazing Sheep on Solar Farms
  • Using Goats to Manage Vegetation Challenges and Enhance Grazing Environments and Landscape

See attachments for registration form and other information.

Registration Form (PDF; 167KB)

Symposium Program (PDF; 106KB)

Workshop Description, Lodging & Parking (PDF; 97KB)

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Grazing sheep beneath utility-scale solar arrays can build wealth of present and future sheep farmers as vegetation management service providers and access to additional pasture. The Cornell Cooperative Enterprise Program (CEP) conducted a survey earlier this year completed by over 600 farmers. Farmers identified barriers to grazing sheep under solar arrays and weighed in on need for a producer-led organization to negotiate contracts on their behalf, coordinate logistics of multiple flocks, provide transport of sheep to and from the site, care for sheep while on-site, and provide supplemental mowing. Additional questions focused on processing and marketing needs.

Technology for Grazing Dairies Webinar

September 27, 2023

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Protecting Against Murphy's Law: A FREE Live Seminar for Veterans.

October 4, 2023

What Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong!

Good ole' Murphy's Law is probably the best description of what it's like to be a farmer that there is! Join Cornell Cooperative Extension Farm Business Management Specialist, Katelyn Walley-Stoll, to learn more about the 5 areas of risk on farms and how to develop strategies to manage those risks. Participants will have the opportunity to identify areas of risk on their own farms and brainstorm ways to (try to) prevent the inevitable! 
Registration is REQUIRED by visiting https://tinyurl.com/CCERisk or call Kelly at 585-268-7644. 


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