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September 3 - September 17, 2020


Thursday September 3rd, 10th, and 17th at 7-8pm


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Southwest New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops Program

Pre-Registration Deadline: September 17, 2020


2020 Fall Pasture Management Series

September 3 - September 17, 2020

2020 Fall Pasture Management Series


Thursday, September 3rd 7pm - 8pm
Late Season Pasture Weed ID and Management
Learn to identify common pasture weeds, why they may be in your pasture, and how to manage them.

Thursday, September 10th 7pm - 8pm
Soil Sampling, Preparation, and Submission
Sampling soil is the key to understanding the nutrients available to our pasture species. Together we'll explore the steps of soil testing, including soil sampling techniques, sample preparation, and how to fill out a soil test submission form.

Thursday, September 17th 7pm - 8pm
Interpreting Your Soil Test Report and Adjusting Fertility
Here, we'll share how to interpret a soil test report, calculate calcium needs and fertilizer blends, review the nutrient values for commonly available manures, and discuss how and when to apply fertilizer or manure for optimal returns.


Registration Fee: $25.00
Your registration fee covers all 3 classes.

*Pre-registration is required*

Register today here, or by contacting Kelly Bourne at klb288@cornell.edu or (585) 268-7644 ext. 10.

Webinar links and call-in numbers will be shared the day prior to the presentation by the email you registered with. If you will need paper copies of the presentation notes, please call or email Kelly to request them.

You can meet the instructors and watch our series promotional video here! https://vod.video.cornell.edu/media/t/1_5p10di4o

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NYFVI Project Outreach: Transition Cow On-Farm Tour

September 28, 2021
Seneca Castle, NY

Hemdale Farms is proud to host a farm tour focusing on cow comfort and transition cow facilities as it relates to a NY Farm Viability Institute grant project over the last two years. CCE Regional Dairy Specialists will go over results and benchmarks from assessments of these areas from all 15 farms involved in the study, and Hemdale will share areas they've worked to improve related to fresh and transition cow comfort, as well as give a farm tour and answer questions about their robotic  operation. 

The tour is FREE to all participants, but registration is required. 



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Cornell PRO-DAIRY Releases Corn Silage Toolkit for 2021 Season

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for corn production - from early season drought to invasive weeds and pests and our current (seemingly) never ending rain. Find resources that discuss the effects of rainfall around pollination, weather induced stress, yield compromises from early season drought, and more here.